2nd Annual Summit of Psychiatry and Mental Health 2020 Menta | 54560



2nd Annual Summit of Psychiatry and Mental Health 2020 Mental Health In Brazil and The Distress At Work

Lúcia Simões Sebben*

Objective: This work aims to understand the impact of mental health at work, based on observation of its culture, beliefs, paradigms and, finally, behaviors as determinants to face the pandemic, as well as the repercussions on the work environment.

Method: A first survey was conducted with a random audience of 53 people, with a predominance of respondents from southern Brazil, associated with empirical observations regarding the reactions of Brazilians to the pandemic and the return to work. These conclusions will lead to a new, more detailed research with a method to be defined, thus providing guidance for more effective interventions in search of better mental health codes at work.

Conclusion: In view of the results obtained so far, it is evident the urgency of companies to implement mental health management policies that support preventive actions, which stimulate the approach on aspects related to the theme, sensitizing and demystifying mental health in the culture Brazilian. Support groups should be created where new ways of relating can be encouraged and a new scale of values for the organization and for the individual, where human limitations and needs are contemplated and respected. Above all, creating a space for learning about the lessons brought by the pandemic, so that they build a new healthier normal.