Adults and Children Overweight in Developed Countries: Impro | 96370

医療経済とアウトカム研究: オープンアクセス

ISSN - 2471-268X


Adults and Children Overweight in Developed Countries: Improving Public Health

Ace Chaconas

A significant public health emergency, the worldwide overfat pandemic drains the financial capacity of industrialised nations. The word "overfat" describes the existence of extra body fat that can harm health, even in people who are of normal weight and are not obese. The largest increase is attributable to a relatively recent rise in the number of people with excess abdominal fat. Excess body fat is associated with cardiometabolic dysfunction, a clinical condition that can progressively worsen, potentially leading to various common disease risk factors, chronic diseases, increased morbidity and mortality, and reduced quality of life. The most unhealthy form of this ailment is abdominal overfat, thus it is alarming that average waist circumference measurements, which are often suggestive of abdominal overfat, have grown. Despite the appearance of being overweight and obese appearing to be levelling off in some developed countries, the overfat pandemic is still on the rise.