Hidden Overdenture Bar in Fixed Implant-retained Hybrid Pros | 80009



Hidden Overdenture Bar in Fixed Implant-retained Hybrid Prosthesis: Report of a Novel Technique

Prajna Shetty

Background: Every patient needs a comprehensive treatment planning. Dentists must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the available implant prosthetic options and match them to patient's expectations. Hybrid denture prosthesis is one that is fabricated and retained by screw threaded into implant abutments, most of the time on 4 implants.

Case report: Sometimes due to failure of a implant, the prosthesis needs to be replaced with a newer castings to accommodate the existing implants. This paper presents a noval technique, wherein the existing framework of the fixed prosthesis can be used to convert the fixed prosthesis to removal prosthesis on the existing implants, without recasting.

Conclusion- This noval concept of hidden over denture bar designed for a hybrid prostheis will be very help in easily converting a fixed implant supported restoration to a removable implant supported restoration, without changing the metal framework. Thus, providing a economical approach to the clinicians and patients.