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Study for assessment of sleep and stress in medical and paramedical students

Dev Desai, Alpesh Patel, Isha vadhvana

Introduction: Medical and paramedical students are prone to a lot of stress and anxiety in their everyday life due to various reasons like examination fear, performance pressure and result worries. This may lead to irregular sleeping habits and insomnia. The prolonged sleep disturbances often lead to stress and similar psychological issues. To observe the variations in stress level with relation to sleep in medical and paramedical students.

Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among 174 students in which 100 were medical and 74 were paramedical students including both males 26.4% and females 73.6%. The age group included was 17 to 20 years. The study was conducted in Ahmedabad and students participated willingly. The data was collected in pre-designed google questionnaire and analyzed in epi info software. The standard scale used for sleep is Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the scale used for stress is Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale – 21.

Result: More than 80% of the students have normal (6-8) sleeping hours while around 10% of students have less than normal sleeping hours (4-6). Nearly 9% of respondents have experienced bad or very bad sleep. As per the scale around 3% of the medical and paramedical students face stress in their day to day life. Amongst them around 2% suffering from stress face a bad sleep quality. About 2% respondents with less than normal sleeping hours face stress and other issues in everyday life.