Early colorectal cancer detection, prediction, and diagnosis | 100550


ISSN - 2732-2654


Early colorectal cancer detection, prediction, and diagnosis techniques and biomarkers Abstract

Deepak Kumar

One of the most frequent digestive illnesses worldwide is Colorectal Cancer (CRC). In terms of incidence and death, it has steadily risen to become one of the top three malignancies. The main contributing factor is the delay in diagnosis. As a result, early diagnosis and detection are crucial for preventing colorectal cancer. Despite recent advancements in surgical and multimodal therapy as well as a variety of approaches for CRC early diagnosis, the disease's poor prognosis and late discovery remain important. Therefore, it is crucial to research cutting-edge technology and biomarkers to enhance the specificity and sensitivity of CRC detection. We hope that this review will encourage the adoption of screening programmes and the clinical use of these promising molecules as biomarkers for CRC early detection and prognosis. Here, we highlight some popular techniques and biomarkers for early detection and diagnosis of CRC.